Farm and empower

Kilimo Minnesota is a certified organic incubator farm in Cambridge, Minnesota with a mission to empower emerging and African immigrant farmers, socially and economically, through mentorship, land access and community engagement.

Founded in 2020 by Minnesota farmers and Kenyan immigrants Moses and Lonah Momanyi, Kilimo supports African immigrant farmers transition to farming in Minnesota. The program is made up of hands-on growing and marketing experience at Dawn2Dusk Farm, as well as business and production classes, field days at other farms, networking, and one-on-one business coaching.

Kilimo (which translates to agriculture in Swahili) is uniquely situated to train program participants in a comfortable peer setting that eliminates many language and cultural barriers. Emerging farmers are able to speak their own languages; focus on culturally specific crops, farming traditions and customs; and ultimately build a supportive, community network.

In addition to empowering African immigrant farmers, Kilimo aims to build and strengthen the local organic food system, raise awareness of immigrant farmers’ role in the food system and build relationships between family farmers, youth and low-income consumers.

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